The 2 Day Event of the Year to 
Grow Your Revenue, Skills & Influence
In Just 2 Days You'll Learn Proven Formulas to Get More 
Customers,  Make More Money
PLUS Massively Improve Your Skills.
Presented By:
Kyle Wilson
Strategist, Marketer,  Speaker, Agent, #1 Best-Selling Author, Founder of Jim Rohn Int,, Lessons From Network

Olenka Cullinan
Founder of Rising Tycoons, and iStartFirst, #1 Best-Selling Author, TEDx, #BossBabe & Millennial Speaker & Success Coach
Ron White
2 Time USA Memory Champion, International Speaker and Trainer,
5 Million View Youtube Channel (All free. No ads!)
Dale Carnegie said the sweetest word to any person is their name. Find out why one CEO Paid Ron White 100k to teach him Ron's powerful method to remember Names, Faces, Speeches, Notes From Books, Seminars and Trainings. 
In a Rare, Live and Intimate Setting, Kyle Wilson 
(Founder of Jim Rohn Int and 
will share his Marketing Secrets that
he has Perfected that helped him Fill Large 
Seminar Rooms, Create 100's of Products, 
Sell Millions of Books and Build Over a 
1,000,000 PermissionBasedCustomer Email List.

2X U.S. Memory Champion, Ron White, 
WillTrain You How to Memorize
Names, Faces & Speeches
and How to Improve Your Memory 500%!

Plus, Olenka Cullinan, Founder of Rising Tycoons, 
will share how she has put over 8500teens through her program in less than 3 years plus her #iStartFirst Strategy thats helps men and women to up-level their Business and Mindset & turn their Dreams into their Dream Lifestyle.

And More (see details below).
What Jim Rohn, Darren Hardy 
Brian Tracy Say About Kyle Wilson
Ron on Fox TV's Superhuman
Ron's Student Tests Out His New Memory Skills. You will Learn This!! 
You Will Learn All This Over 
2 Powerful Days.......
Kyle Wilson
  •  How to build your marketing list, product strategy and funnel.
  •  Learn the Strategy of how Kyle took Jim Rohn from 20 Speaking Dates at 4K each to over 110 Dates at 10k the first year (and then 25k).
  •  Learn how to identify your unique secret sauce. 
  •  Learn the concept behind the viral marketing tool Kyle created that sold over 6 million copies.
  •  The key marketing idea Kyle recently shared with 2x Grammy Winner Seth Mosley that created an ADDITIONAL REVENUE STREAM of 100k the first year.
  •  Learn how to create your own Strategic Marketing Wheel. Kyle has coached Jim Rohn, Darren Hardy, Robin Sharma, Jeffrey Gitomer and countless others on (worth the price of the whole weekend).
Ron White
  •  300% Increase in memory GUARANTEED. 
  •  Meet 100+ people & remember their names GUARANTEED. (We will do this at the 2 Day!)
  •  Increase public speaking confidence by giving speeches from memory (without notes).
  •  Memorize chapters of books to learn any topic 10x faster.
  •  Remember what you learn from classes to maximize time and money spent on learning.
  •  Develop a sharp and healthy brain as you age.
  •  Become a subject matter expert on almost anything in days not months.
  •  Everyone will DOUBLE their reading speed!
  •  How I got 110,000 Youtube subscribers without spending money on ads!
Olenka Cullinan
  •  Re-Design Your Belief System through the GPS Style Living System and Ignite Your Purpose and Passion
  •  Discover the Most Important Secret to Up-leveling Your Influencer Network vs the old “5 people” adage.
  •  Learn the Art of Mastering Your Brag to Double Your Income
  •  Mastering the Step by Step Process to Achieving Goals 
  •  Why to Stop Preparing and Start Doing
  •  How to Create a Social Media Tribe vs Followers
  •  Focusing on Impact vs Spotlight to Grow Revenue
  •  Blame vs Opportunity, Uncovering Your Power
  •  WTF (Why Teach Failure) Embrace Failure to Expedite Success
Plus Special Guest - Todd Stottlemyre 
3 Time World Series Champion, International Speaker and 
Bestselling Author of Relentless Success
Todd Will Share
  •  His 9 Point Major League Achievement System
  •  How to Build a Success/Vision Statement
  •  How to Develop the mindset of a Champion
  •  Taking the “Quit” option off the table
  •  Learn the discipline needed to reach the next level in your life
Dear Attendee,

Let us ask you this. If you could sit down with someone (Kyle Wilson) who sold over 8 million books, built one of the most successful personal development businesses of all time and has worked with some of the great legends and learn his secrets what would you pay for that time?

You could spend the next 25 years learning what he learned the hard way. Or you could learn it the easy way in an intimate weekend setting.

Next, what would 5 million views of FREE, targeted (people who are interested in your topic) traffic do for your business? I'll tell you what it does for Ron White, 5 million views of free traffic (no ads) has him getting up every morning checking his shopping cart to see how much money he has made while SLEEPING!!

He is getting 1 million views every 90 days. Check it out:
In the last 28 days Ron has gotten 1,182,573 minutes of views! And he hasn't posted a video in a MONTH! Do you know how many minutes 1,182,573 is? That is 2 years and 90 days of 24 hours a day views!

What would 1,182,573 minutes of views do for YOU every 28 days? What would you pay for this knowledge?

Not only will you learn Kyle and Ron's marketing secrets you also will learn Ron's Memory Secrets.

Ron RARELY does live full day trainings on memory. Much less in an intimate small group setting. 

What he will teach you in a day will benefit you the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

Dale Carnegie said the sweetest word to any person is their name. Ron will teach you is powerful method to remember Names, Faces, Speeches, Notes From Books, Seminars and Trainings and much more. 

Ron even has had the CEO of a company pay him 100k to personal coach him to improve his memory skills because he understood the lifetime value it will bring to him personally and financially!

Do you have kids in school? The memory strategies you learn and can take home to teach them will dramatically reduce their stress and anxiety related to school.

PLUS, we have Olenka Cullinan, Founder of Rising Tycoons and #iStartFirst. She is also a #1 Best-Selling Author, TEDx, #BossBabe & Millennial Speaker and Success Coach. Olenka will be sharing on her powerful #iStartFirst process and how to move from Desire and Idea into Action and Results.

Bottom line, this is a unique opportunity to learn ground breaking marketing from Kyle Wilson, life and business skills from Olenka Cullinan and the memory strategies from Ron White that will build you relationships, increase confidence and speed up your learning process. 

Join us January 19 & 20 in Phoenix for 2 Powerful Days!

Seating is VERY limited. Don't hesitate, sign up NOW.

See you there! 

Kyle Wilson
Ron White
Olenka Cullinan
  • Ron Whites 100 Spanish Verb Memory: The product Ron designed for HIMSELF to memorize 100 Spanish verbs. Get it as a free bonus (It cost $500 to create)
  •  FREE Access for One Year to Kyle Wilson's Lessons From Network Members Site including over 10k of online training. $997
  •  FREE Access to Olenka's #iStartFist Online Bossbabe Bootcamp (30 days of non-stop growth) - $367 value 
  •  Complete Access to the Entire 2016 Brian Tracy 3 Day Weekend Event Recordings that Kyle put on. Includes Brian Tracy's Success Mastery Academy, Darren Hardy, Vic Johnson, Erika De La Cruz, Nick Bradley and more $997 Value
  •  PLUS BONUS Speed Reading Training by Ron White!! Everyone who attends will double their reading speed! You'll be asked to bring a book that you have never read and Ron will spend 30 minutes teaching you to speed read and we will measure your increase. Ron expects you will DOUBLE your reading speed. Value $497
  • Why is this powerful? Imagine Reading Jim Rohn's, Darren Hardy's, Robin Sharma's, Brian Tracy's, Marketing books in 1/2 the time. The faster you read the quicker you can move to the next to learn more!                        
Total Value of Bonuses $2700
Where: Phoenix, Arizona

When:  January 19th & 20th (Friday & Saturday)

Who: Kyle Wilson, Ron White, Olenka Cullinan & Todd Stottlemyre and some amazing attendees  (YOU!!)

What: 2 Days of Memory Training, Speed Reading, Marketing Strategies, How to Build Your Customer List, Creating Product Funnels, Book Writing Strategies, Secrets of a 5 Million View Youtube Channel with No Ads, a Success System to Create Focus and Results, iStartFirst Process and more!

Why: Because You Need a Recharge, Fresh Ideas, Proven Strategies and Focused Time Up Close and Personal With Kyle, Ron and Olenka!

How: Sign up at link below (this will sell out fast)!!

*Groups - Bring a group of 5 or more and receive special pricing (additional free ticket) PLUS Olenka's complete online Video Series Training: Stop Preparing. Start Doing $200 value 
P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $397 you'll get the marketing strategies Kyle Wilson has used to build Jim Rohn Int, Your Success Store & more,  that Ron White used to build his 5 million view Youtube Channel as well as world class Memory Training and Bonus Speed Reading, Plus Olenka Cullinan's #iStartFirst Process. 2 Days. LIMITED SEATING! Hope to see you there!
Also note special *Group Pricing for a group of 5, includes Special Pricing, a Bonus Ticket and Olenka's Video Series Training: Stop Preparing. Start Doing. Offer goes to $597 Jan 14th. 
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